Jargon Slayer Tip #12

Unicorns aren’t just mythical creatures…

Jargon Slayer Tip 12


Case Study: How Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest

NTG Case Study 3

I’ve been wanting to do a case study of The Dandelion Patch for a long time, because its staff members do such a great job of marketing the company on social media. Their ability to be so active on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram made it hard for me to choose just one platform to talk about for a case study.


The Dandelion Patch provides stationary and party supplies for events from everyday parties to weddings. One of the tag lines it uses is “Paper is our passion,” but I’m reluctant to call it a stationary supply store or printer – that phrase just brings up mental images of boxes and stacks of paper and the smell of copier ink. I am familiar with The Dandelion Patch because it started out with one small storefront in the town of Vienna, Virginia, where I used to live, in the suburbs of the Washington, DC, area. The business has expanded since I moved away and now has a large showroom in Northern Virginia’s Tyson’s Corner neighborhood. Continue reading “Case Study: How Small Businesses Can Use Pinterest”

Case Study: How to Let Customers Know There’s a Problem

ntg-case-study-2Many businesses don’t like to admit when they have a problem, or when one of their services is interrupted. You try to call, but phone lines are busy as many other customers are also trying to call to see if the problem is on their end or the company’s.

One always hopes that service interruptions can be quickly fixed, but for the customers experiencing the problem at that moment, they want to find out two things:

  • Is this a problem with their account only, or is it company-wide?
  • When will service will be restored?

crisis Continue reading “Case Study: How to Let Customers Know There’s a Problem”